USB Post-Its: They Are As Cool As They Sound!

I reported earlier about a new kind of Post-It note that looks exactly like a retro diskette called Disk-It. Back when I first saw it, I was amazed by the creativity and the retro look of it. I was downright sure I would be the first in line for a pack. Well, now I guess I have to be unfaithful to my thought and actually throw another really neat post-it idea into the mix. This idea uses the same concept as those two-in-one shampoos and conditioners.

Digilog is a neat little concept thought up by designer Soon-won Kim and utilizes the idea of never wasting valuable space when you can use it for so many useful things. The concept is simple, effective, and gives you that handy pen and paper right when you need it.

It’s USB memory with a little notebook pad on it. Simple as that. With a little slider case lid, you just slide it open to have your paper all ready for you to scribble on. It’s quite handy and perfect when you need it the most. How about when you’re in that meeting showing people your designs? What if they want to make some minor changes? Haven’t you been in the situation where you would just kill for a piece of paper right at that moment? Well, this way you will never again need to worry about that. The lid is another really nice feature. You won’t have to worry about the paper getting dirty in your bag. It also keeps the papers all straight and without wrinkles or tears.

If this isn’t the the perfect designer accessory then I don’t know what is. Sign me up for a bunch, will ya!