USB Super Hub: 16-Port Mega Monster Connector!

If you are like me, you have bucket loads of USB memory sticks that you’ve gotten for free when attending release parties, conferences and other venues where they will give you something to remember the event. My only problem is that I don’t know which ones I have all my stuff on half the time. I would just like to connect them all into one single hub and be done with it. No more aimless searching for the right stick, and no more having to continuously listen to that “ping” every time I connect or disconnect something to my computer.

With this monster hub, I believe most of my USB troubles would be gone. With its 16-port ninja capabilities, you can probably connect most of your memory sticks and just sit idly in your chair knowing that everything you have ever created on your computer (that is now bundled on your memory sticks) is connected and ready for you to reach whenever you want it.

The price; however, is like a product from Apple. It will set you back a hefty $139, but for me, that is all worth it! No doubt about it! My only concern is if this monster product will keep tight for any long period of time. The power supply is handled by its own and not sucked from your computer (which sometimes is the case), but the quality of the thing I have no idea about. There is only one way to figure that out, right?

You will be able to pick this monster up over at