Vaping And Hemp – What Do Millennials Prefer Using?

Now that the world is gradually recovering from the long-lasting wave of stigmatization and negative connotations associated with smoking hemp, people are legally experimenting with the various ways to consume the plant. While many people still prefer to smoke the old-school way, others choose to use hemp oil vapes – a very effective way to get CBD into the system, for its vaporized form is easily absorbed into the bloodstream.

Vaping hemp can be used to improve the mood and manage stress and anxiety. Additionally, it aids in the reduction of chronic pain and inflammation by impacting the endocannabinoid system, about which you should definitely learn more. Vaping hemp also helps ease the physical implications of several health conditions such as muscle and joint pain, cancer and leukemia, seizures, sleep apnea, and high blood pressure among others. But when it comes to choosing from the various products available on the market, what are millennials opting for? Below are five of the most notable trends.

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1. Delicious Natural Flavors

Just because people are vaping for recreational or therapeutic purposes, doesn’t mean that they don’t want a palatable experience. While most conventional extraction processes demolish the sensitive terpene profile of the original product, consumers are now requesting to enjoy the natural flavors and scents of the plant. To cater to this need, concentrate manufacturers are now developing new extraction methods that aim to preserve – or even reintroduce – the terpenes in the final product.

2. Relevant Designs

In the beginning, cannabis vape pens were designed similar to e-cigarettes, which made sense given the similarities between a cigarette and a joint. Nowadays, though, we see a shift in design that better suits the unique needs and tastes of the cannabis consumer. Based on demand and market research, we now see smaller, aesthetically pleasing and even artistically influenced devices on the market, that look nothing like your typical e-cig.

3. Environmentally Friendly Devices

As we observe the market, we find that portable vaporizers are now becoming more eco-friendly, with some of them even made of completely recyclable materials. Catering to the ethical compass of their millennial customers, manufacturers are now keen on creating products that are dedicated to a better environmental impact.

4. Accurate Dose Control

For most beginners, hemp vape dosing can be tricky and challenging to master. Cannabis vapers prefer devices that feature tools aimed at guiding accurate and consistent dosing, so they can enjoy the experience without fear of accidentally overdoing it. Accordingly, dose control is now an option that can be easily found on many vape pens for ease of use.

5. Safety And Child Proofing

Millennials are becoming parents, and with that comes the responsibility of keeping adult products away from their kids. Manufacturers are now working on models that come with their own child-proof packages for the peace of mind of cannabis-vaping caregivers.

The Customer Is In Control

Legalization and government acceptance aren’t enough for any product to sell and thrive; in reality, the customer has the last word. Hemp-vaping millennials seek concentrates that are delicious to taste, and devices that are appealing and environmentally safe, with features that guarantee proper dosing, as well as allow for child-proofing.

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