ViewMaster: Watch Your 3D YouTube Videos On The Go

I am such a sucker for innovative tech design that is created to implement every conceivable existing Internet service. It’s a great way to make sure that technology keeps being incorporated with the Internet without necessarily having to create new online services. We have seen some concept examples of that with the Instagram Camera and the Instagram Glasses. Even though they were just concept ideas, they were still innovative enough to spark huge interest on the Internet. People love these kind of creations, and I believe we will definitely see a lot more of these ideas in the near future. Some are already being developed and will be implemented and launched soon.

One of those products is the ViewMaster. It’s a new approach to watching YouTube clips that we haven’t experienced until now. Well it has, but not in this way. This quite astonishing gadget is really a portable dock in which you insert your iPhone. I would really like to say this awesome gadget converts any YouTube clip into a 3D experience, but that wouldn’t be true to what the gadget actually does.

What it does is let you watch all the YouTube clips that are already in 3D in a more streamlined fashion. Yeah, I know… you probably didn’t know there were 3D videos on YouTube. Well, you are not the first to get a little bit shocked by this. There have actually been videos uploaded since 2009 that fully implement 3D technology. These videos are just not that popular, yet. This gadget, created by Sanwa, will certainly try to change all that. I don’t know if it will make us all walk around with this puppy in our bags, but you have to admit that stuff like this truly pushes the Internet experience a few steps closer to a virtual reality. Wait, what? Where did virtual reality end up anyway? We haven’t heard about it in ages! I am sure there are still a few people out there who are frenetically trying to push that technology forward. If you want to watch YouTube 3D content on your way home from work, then this is the gadget for you!



Via: [Oh Gizmo!]