Watch Live Streaming of the Apple event HERE | 2010 – iTablet

There has been a huge hype about the new Apple invention. So much so that some even think that Apple won’t announce a new gadget for the masses today. Today, the 27th of January 2010 Apple will unveil what will most likely be a new era in the business of touchscreens. Some even say that Apple is about to come out with a new OS for the iPhone also, just to accommodate the new gadget and to make them seamlessly interconnected. Some even say that the new gadget will only hold the iPhone OS 3 which will then later on be updated by that not having to have two separate operating systems to deal with. Smart move if they announce a new gadget for sure.

So, the question is, as Apple has gone and made it an invitation only event a lot of people are wondering where they could catch a glimpse of the unveiling right when it happens. There are probably a ton of sites that will have live updates in form of news updates and posts but there are a few places that you can actually grab the event live by streaming it right over the Internet. We’ve gone ahead and created a list of all the places where you can grab info right as it happens.

Live Blogging from the Apple Unveiling event:

There are some places that you can grab all the new stuff starting at 10:00pm. If you have another place to grab live streaming or live blogging please don’t hesitate to share it with everyone by adding the link in a comment down below. We here at Bit Rebels are really looking forward to the unveiling (if any) and will be on it as soon as it starts! Enjoy!