Web Scraping With Ticket Proxies – The Complete Guide

Many of you might be thinking, why use ticket proxies in the first place? Well, if you are planning on buying a single concert ticket or even 10, you should be good to go manually. But when in business, trading tickets require you to have access to hundreds and thousands. And no human can do that within an hour even.

Plus, have you wondered how tickets to concerts, events, and football games get sold out within hours? Yes, there are thousands of fans out there, but not all can purchase in the first few hours. Businesses or individuals who are in the business of selling tickets usually purchase them in bulk in the first few hours using proxies. This is how ticket proxies come in handy to them.

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1. Get Tickets Faster

Firstly having hundreds of hands is better than having two hands when you have multiple chores to do. Similarly, if you wish to buy thousands of tickets and the site has a maximum limit set, you will have to request the purchase repeatedly. This will take you forever. Whereas having proxies allows you to make multiple requests at a time and gets the job done faster.

2. Move Up The Line

With a world-famous event coming up, you have competition. Millions of fans around the globe will be looking to purchase tickets, and just like regular stores, online ticket stores also have a queue. Having multiple proxies allows you to increase your requests and move up the line – securing you more tickets in the end.

3. By-pass Geographical Limits

If you are running an online ticket selling site, then in some instances, you might be located in an area that is not permitted on your targeted site for purchase. Yes, this is the problem with many third-world and developing countries. Many sites don’t allow you to purchase from them anymore. Proxies help you mask your IP and pretend to be from a different location so you can by-pass the geographical limits and make a purchase.

4. Masking Your Identity

This is the major pro of having ticket proxies do the scrapping for you. If websites suspect irregular activity from an IP address, they often end up blocking it without any explanation. Well, they can do that. So to protect your identity (your original IP address), it is best to use proxies as it routes your purchase request through an entire proxy server – making it impossible for the website to track you.

How Many Ticket Proxies Do You Need?

The number of ticket proxies you need to add to your web scraping software depends on two major elements. First, how many tickets are you planning to score with your web scraping software, and second, what is the maximum limit the respective site has set in place.

Yes, ticket sites often have a maximum limit up to which an IP address can purchase tickets. For instance, if the set limit is 500, you can’t purchase more than 500 using the same IP address. This is where ticket proxies come in handy.  They allow you to secure thousands of tickets at a time by routing your requests via a proxy server.

Based on the number of tickets and the set limit, do the math and purchase the required number of ticket proxies to have your software running right away. Make sure to get them from reliable proxy providers as you don’t want to get blocked or caught while web scraping.

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