Welcome to the Largest iPhone Store in the World

I really need to get out and see more of the world. I’ve done a lot of international traveling, but I’ve never visited China, Japan or even the Philippines, where my best friend @mistygirlph lives. I was drooling over China when I wrote this article about their new Chocolate Themepark. Then, today, I read about a brand new iPhone store that just opened in Japan and I almost fell off of my chair!

Four days ago a store called the iPhone Corner opened in Tokyo. According to http://www.wrgmag.com, “The iPhone Corner is the largest iPhone store in the world and has everything you could ever want for your phone: 55 versions of the iPhone 3GS; an application corner, which has a really impressive game collection with providers including Squire Enix, Gamesoft, Sega and Namco Bandai Games and an accessory corner, which offers over 1,000 cute charms and accessories.”

Say it with me now… Oh. My. Gosh. For all you iPhone fanatics out there, this might just be the catalyst you need to make a trip to Japan. China and Japan always have the most inspiring stores, trends and fashions. Well, I take that back, these two things are definitely not cool: The Strangest Fad I’ve Ever Seen and The Most Disturbing Japanese Toy You’ve Ever Seen, but most of them are! ;)

Thank you http://www.trendhunter.com for the great pictures!