WEPC | A Community Designed Dream PC

We have all been dreaming about the perfect computer. The very technology that would make just me happy. For a computer manufacturer answering everyone’s wishes is a pure impossible task to handle even though I am sure every manufacturer really would like to. How cool would it be if everyone could just tell, for example, what kind of processor they would like and Intel just went ahead and created it. Simple, fast and ultimately rewarding for both parties.

Well, the world isn’t that perfect and if we’re looking into the future it doesn’t seem to get better either. So, what could we do to get closer to this dream scenario?`ASUS thought up an interesting idea and soon launched it. It’s called WEPC and is a community websites for everyone with a wish. A wish for a computer to serve their every need. What WEPC does is it offers a place for wishful thinkers to add their thoughts into a huge “database” of ideas. Everyone can browse, add and develop ideas into something truly amazing.

The ideas of WEPC do not only stay as ideas. Every now and then ASUS and Intel will browse through their forum and pick out futuristic ideas that seem to have a huge impact on society and it’s users and actually develop the concept for the market. During the CES in Las Vegas ASUS and Intel announced such projects and prototypes to the show goers and it was a sure hit.

The community is truly vibrant and alive and a lot of ideas that have just touched the imagination of us normal users are taking shape and it’s truly amazing what one can gather from there. If you haven’t checked it out yet you truly have to. You want to be a part of the future today? Well, join WEPC and browse the future for yourself!