Whoa! Mobile Gaming By The Numbers [Infographic]

When I read today that 53% of mobile gamers are female, I knew I had to write this article. It just goes to show that once again chicks rule! At the end of 2009 and beginning of 2010 we saw a shift in gaming (along with social media, shopping habits, and everything else pretty much) to being more mobile than ever before.

Consumers suddenly had a new need, and that brilliantly timed with the release of Angry Birds, opened up the floodgates for mobile game developers everywhere. This new need can best be described as “waiting time gaming.” We often spend 2-10 minutes waiting on things throughout our day. Whether we are waiting for an appointment, waiting for a cab, waiting for the waitress to take our order, we wait a lot. In those small slices of waiting time, we like to play easy, brainless, addictive, super fun games that don’t take more than a few minutes.

The mobile entertainment industry was worth $33 billion dollars last year! Freemium games are more popular than ever (those are games that are free, but a ton of money is made from other merchandise associated with the game). Add mobile social media gaming apps and mobile shopping to the mix and you have a mega-powerful combination that defines our immediate future. Check out this infographic by Geekaphone to get a true feel for how big this is. Whoa!

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Angry Birds Mobile Game Apps

Via: [Geekosystem]