5 Free Must-Have Apps For Every Sports Lover

If you are a true sports fan, you must already have a few sports apps installed on your phone. These apps act as a hub of every sport you’re interested in and deliver you timely news, live scores, and recent developments. The best thing about sports apps is that they serve different types of fans, and you can find one that suits your needs.

For instance, there are universal apps like ESPN and CBS Sports that provide news and updates about all popular sports, but if you’re deep into a particular sport, let’s say football, then you can find special niche apps for it with in-depth insights, statistics, and commentary.

Similarly, you can find specific apps by functionality as well. For example, some apps deliver live streaming, and then some apps enable you to make informed decisions for sports betting. Here are five must-have sports apps you shouldn’t miss.

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1. TheScore

Developed by a news sports company, TheScore is potentially one of the most elegantly designed sports apps you can download on your smartphone. The app also brings amazing functionality as you can follow your favorite sports and the teams and get recently updated statistics and new developments.

With a built-in events calendar, the app allows you to keep up with the future games, statistics from the past matches, and most recent scores. Using TheScore, you can’t only follow sports teams, but you can also follow the individual players. Get timely notifications and share your favorite stories, statistics, and game results with your followers and friends.

2. CBS Sports

If you’re an NCAA, MLS, NHL, NFL, NBA, or MLB fan, CBS sports is an ideal app for you as it delivers quick scores, news, videos, and even tweets from your favorite players. CBS Sports is available both on Google Play and Playstore so you can enjoy the news and scores about your favorite sports on all types of mobile devices.

One of the significant features that you can’t simply ignore is that CBS Sports provides you with live streaming of many sporting events throughout the year. You can also customize the app to receive timely notifications and alerts about recent news.  You can also use the app to watch the CBS Sports Network.


Being one of the top names in the sports industry, ESPN has also established itself as a tremendous mobile source for getting your sports fix. The ESPN app brings live scores from a wide variety of sports bodies that includes commentary, highlights, news, analysis, stories, and more. Using the ESPN app, you can even get access to live ESPN channels.

If you are an eSports fan, then ESPN also brings you eSports coverage. You can receive complete news, up-to-the-minute scores, live streaming of different tournaments, games, and shows through WatchESPN and tons of highlights.

There is also a headphones button which you can tap on to listen to live local and national ESPN radio, over 100 ESPN podcasts, live play-by-play, and more. You can also customize the app to your preferences and enjoy a boatload of other features.

4. Bleacher Report

As one of the most renowned sports news outlets, Bleacher Report has developed a comprehensive sports app allowing you to keep up with the live scores, latest news, along with your favorite teams’ video highlights. The app gets its sports news from local sources and social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter. Using this app, you get instant notifications, learn about the recent rumors, news, and predictions related to the teams and leagues you follow.

The app also provides you with the option to pick your favorite team and receive the latest and personalized news. Bleacher Report gives you instant access to scores, news, statistics, schedules, standings, and updates across all the big leagues. You also receive video highlights and articles personalized just for you.

5. BetAmerica

With BetAmerica, you get all the latest news and updates about the NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL, and even college leagues. It allows you to get all the necessary information, news, and updates related to the sports and teams you are interested in. If you are into betting, you can use the app to make informed decisions and increase the odds of winning.

Moreover, you can also get recent developments about players’ individual rankings, which can help you make educated predictions. There is only about a week for the SuperBowl, and in BetAmerica.com, you can get the best odds.

Final Word

Every sports fan needs a companion app to ensure he or she’s not missing out on the latest updates and trends in the sporting sphere. These must-have apps will keep you in the loop for every game, sport, and player!

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