Live Reporting – An App To Watch And Report The True News

There is an increasing trend of citizens blaming the media for irresponsible journalism and the lack of evidence to go along with their reports. Now, there is an app on the market that can change the face of journalism entirely, making it a model that is not just for the people but is also run by the people.

Live Reporting is an app where you can view breaking news from around the world and upload your own live stream in case you witness something of national or international significance. This live streaming feature of the app ensures that any breaking news submitted by a user is accompanied by an eye witnessed report, and is, therefore, completely authentic.

[pullquote]All you need to do to start reporting the news around you is to download the iOS app and start the streaming.[/pullquote] All users are allowed to stream 30 seconds of news content which is tagged to their geographical location. What is great about this app is that excellent reporters are allowed longer streaming time than the rest, which helps to maintain the quality of the news being reported by the users. This effectively makes the app a TV station that showcases eye witnessed news reports.

The app ensures that you can find authentic footage of any incident before the media even gets there. This will undoubtedly change the way we receive news and clean out the fake news reports that have increased in the media lately. News reporting is changing and this app is the next step in acquiring your world stage news.

If you take a look at the Live Reporting app website, you will notice that one of the primary visions of the company is to share the truth with the world. It is a call for action to the entire population to join the revolution that promotes honest journalism. Everyone can now be a journalist by simply creating their profile on the app. You will immediately start receiving your news feed, which will include global news, weather reports, as well as news pertaining to international celebrities and sports personalities.

The reports section is where the live streams uploaded by other users can be found. These reports span a wide range of topics, from tragic accidents and mishaps to video clips from live music events. Since the news is curated by the community, there are no biased views or distorted facts, just the pure truth.

Besides having a great cause behind its conception, the app is also incredibly user-friendly. The UI is easy to understand and browsing through the news could not have been any simpler. Furthermore, creating a live stream is as simple as recording a video with your smartphone. The simplicity of the app will definitely encourage more users to use the streaming feature for sharing the news as it happens around them.

Live Reporting is indeed a fuss free app which holds the potential of dominating the world of media and eradicating dishonest journalism, one live report at a time. All you need to do is visit the app website and download the iOS app to start sharing the truth with the entire world. With just a few clicks, you can now become a journalist whose voice is heard around the globe.

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