AnyTrans – Your Must-Have iPhone Data Manager For iPhone 12

If you are looking to get the latest iPhone 12, you are going to need a utility to manage all your phone’s data for you. This guide helps discover an all-in-one solution to all of your iPhone data transfer and backup needs.

Whether you are or you are not an Apple fanboy, you probably know that Apple has recently launched the latest version of the iPhone. This iteration of the latest iPhone is called iPhone 12 and it brings with it many new features and improvements. If you are someone who is crazy about new phones, the iPhone 12 is worth considering.

One of the issues, when you get a new phone, is that you need to manually transfer all your data from the old phone. Luckily, there is a tool for the iPhone 12 that helps you transfer all your data from your old Android or iPhone to the latest iPhone 12. This guide introduces you to this tool and shows how you can use it to manage all your iPhone’s data.

Once you combine the features of iPhone 12 and this tool, you will hardly need anything else for data transfer and backup tasks for your devices.

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1-Click To Migrate Data To iPhone 12

If you have switched phones in the past, which many of us have done, you already know what a headache it is to find all your data and transfer it over to the new phone. You need to either make a local backup of your data or upload all your files to the cloud and then download them to your iPhone 12.

Fortunately, you can eliminate that hassle from your life with a tool. This tool is called AnyTrans and it allows you to transfer all your previous device’s data over to your new iPhone 12. All your data gets transferred with a single click and there is not much manual interaction required.

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Migrate to a new iPhone with Phone Switcher

This way, if you use an iPhone, you can perform an iPhone to iPhone data transfer and get all your old phone’s data on the new one. Also, you can pick the file types that you want to transfer in case you do not want to transfer all your data. If your data happens to be in iTunes or on iCloud, there is an option to export data from those utilities over to your shiny new iPhone 12.

In a nutshell, the tool has all the data transfer features that you would ever need.

A Good Helper For iPhone 12 Daily Usage

Not only is AnyTrans good for your occasional tasks, but it is equally good for your daily and routine tasks as well. There are features built into it that you can use on a daily basis to make your life a bit easier.

Some of those features are as follows.

1. Daily Data Management

One of the things that most smartphone users do almost every day is that they transfer media content like photos and music between their phone and computer. If you do this, too, AnyTrans has a Device Manager feature that makes this task a lot easier for you.

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Manage data with Device Manager

With this feature, you can selectively and quickly add new files to your iPhone 12 from your computer. You can do the reverse of that as well – adding files from your computer to your iPhone.

2. Daily Data Backup

Backing up your phone’s data is the most important thing you should do. That is because most smartphones including the iPhone 12 are prone to data losses. A backup ensures you have something to fall back on when things go south.

AnyTrans comes with a fully-featured Backup Manager that lets you make backups of your iPhone 12 both wirelessly as well as wired. You can even set the app to make automatic backups in case you are a forgetful person.

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Use Backup Manager to create and restore iPhone backups

When you need to restore a backup, all you need to do is click on a few buttons and all your data will be restored on your iPhone. This tool lets you peek inside your backups and view what is in there – something that even iTunes does not offer.

Essential Utility Tools For iPhone 12

Since the iPhone 12, or any other newer iPhone model for that matter, is a feature-packed device, you are going to need to use certain tools to get the most out of your phone. This is where AnyTrans’ extra features come into the picture.

For example, AnyTrans has a Ringtone Maker that lets you easily make ringtones for your iOS devices. You then do not need to rely on readily available ringtones as you can make your own using this feature.

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Make iPhone ringtones with Ringtone Maker

Another feature you might find useful is Media Downloader. iPhone users often have this issue where they cannot easily download new media content to their devices. If you feel this, too, Media Downloader will let you find content online, download it, and transfer it over to your iOS devices including the iPhone 12.

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Download content on the iPhone with Media Downloader

The other features that you might want to use are App Downloader that helps get new apps to your device and Screen Mirroring that lets you view the screen of your iPhone on your computer.

Join The #BackupWithAnyTrans Campaign

If you have been an iPhone user for some time but you have not got the latest iPhone 12 yet, chances are you will not even have to buy it. AnyTrans is running a contest where you can actually make the iPhone 12 yours for free.

In this contest called #BackupWithAnyTrans, the company is giving away one free iPhone to a lucky user. To enter the contest, all you need to do is share the story of your first iPhone. This could be anything as long as it is an authentic one.

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Enter the contest to win an iPhone 12

You can share how you got your first iPhone, what your most memorable experiences were with it, and so on. One lucky user will be chosen to receive the latest iPhone 12 as a gift. You can enter the contest on AnyTrans’ contest page.


While your iPhone 12 does let you manage your data using various ways, those are not necessarily the easiest and quickest ways to do the task. Luckily, with a tool like AnyTrans, you can put an end to all your data transfer worries as this app helps you with all your file transfer and backup needs.

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