Are You A Moron? – iPhone App

The iPhone App store just sold their 1.5 billionth application not long ago and the sales are ever increasing. One of the most popular apps right now is an app called “The Moron Test”. Even though I haven’t tried it out (in fair I might turn out to be a moron I guess, lol) it seems to be the most simple app still super addictive. When even the reviewer doesn’t have a clue why the application is the top most bought app on iPhone App Store the one might start to wonder where the app store is heading.

My two cents is that the name has such an impact on the buyer that he/she desperately needs to check it out. Or maybe there are too many people out there in need of knowing whether they are moron’s or not. Well, really it is up to you to decide why it’s on top. Download it and check for yourself. (And it will stay there even longer…haha).

Here’s a short review of the app that might spark some ideas why it is so popular or maybe you come up with your own app idea that makes no sense. Really, you are in charge here.

The Moron Test iPhone App Review