Audials – The Perfect Companion On A Sunny Day

Is there anything more beautiful than feeling sun rays on your skin? Pleasant temperature, pull us outside Spring is waking us up out of hibernation with all its assets. We also have a nice companion for all those sunny days, the new Audials app. Take your music radio, podcasts everywhere even import music from your computer to it. And best of all: the app is free and ad-free.

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Let’s Check Out The New Audials App Together

Go In The App Store And Download Audials Play.

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In the app, no borders exist no distance is too far for us. Embark on a journey around the globe and visit and get to know different countries. Filter 100,00 radio stations by genre, country, type of music played, stream quality. One tap and you reach your dream destination. You are also able to avoid stations that play commercials frequently.

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Have your favorite stations always ready by putting them in favorites lists. Favor artists themselves to get new station suggestions. Turn the app into your radio.

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Whether what genre you prefer listening to, Audials offers countless radio stations, where you will find your perfect fit, no matter how special it may be, guaranteed.

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More than 300 podcasts are waiting for you. Millions of episodes ensure the best entertainment. Switch between topics like science, comedy, or politics and more to stay updated and busy. Make sure to download episodes, to listen offline as well.

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Record music from the radio and get neatly separated mp3 tracks. Grow your music collection even without internet access. With Audials you can also program recordings.

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Use the unique feature to transfer music wirelessly from your computer.

Start with installing Audials Play (which is free) on your PC, then you will find all the music from your computer in the app and download it to your smartphone.

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Become the host of your car radio. Using the Android Auto compatibility makes it possible to listen to all radio stations and podcasts while being in the car. If your car does not support this feature, just put the app in car mode and use it while driving.

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The app is also available for iOS and Windows PC, make sure to download it today to start your musical adventure.

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