How To Get A 5-Star App Review For All Your Apps [Infographic]

In the present day, there exists an app for almost any task that you can think of. This scenario has made the app market an extremely competitive one and app developers have to work extremely hard to ensure the success of their products. The success of any app is largely measured by the rating of the app on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store, which is why planning the design and marketing of your app so as to ensure a 5-star app review is of utmost importance.

Luckily, businesses can rely on the app development and marketing expertise of organizations such as MindSea to make sure that their ideas give birth to apps that generate five-star reviews. Here is an infographic that sheds some light on the secret behind any successful app.

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What It Takes To Get A 5-Star App Review

[pullquote]As mentioned in the infographic below, 60% of the downloads of an app originate from searches, and for your app to show up on a search, it has to have excellent app reviews from the users along with optimized meta-data.[/pullquote] So if you want your app to reach a larger audience, you have to design it in such a manner that it only generates positive app reviews. The very first key to developing an app that receives a five-star review from the users is to identify an underserved need of the users and to create an app to serve this need.

If you create yet another app to solve a problem that is already being addressed by a dozen other apps, chances are that those already established apps will restrict your growth. On the other hand, if you focus on solving an unsolved problem of the users, not only will your app appear on all the search results pertaining to the same, but will also improve your chances of receiving a positive app review.

As stated by Android Authority and Popular Mechanics, the top apps for Android and iOS include Google Chrome and password managers such as LastPass and 1Password. So what makes these apps so popular? It is not just the fact that they cater to the most obvious needs of smartphone users but also that these apps are largely bug-free and extremely user-friendly, thereby leading to excellent app reviews.

Therefore, if you want your app to feature among the list of top-rated apps then you too should aim for a bug-free and glitch-proof design, because approximately 80% users give only one more shot to an app after they experience a bug. To create a flawless design in the first go, hire a great team and prioritize quality above everything else. Also, building an in-app chat feature to provide instant customer support is the best way to address bugs reported by users.

Once you have released a great app into the market after keeping all these points in mind, the infographic suggests communicating with the users to encourage them to leave an app review for the same. Email is one of the best ways to garner a response from your users and adding specific calls to action, such as reviewing a new feature added in the latest upgrade, can help you in getting better app reviews.

Also, taking the support of the experts in the field of app development at MindSea can help improve your app reviews and grow your user base at an exponential rate. So keep the advice from this infographic in mind to convert your brilliant app idea into an amazing app with great app reviews.

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Five-Star App Review Tips Infographic