Mobile Apps Have Rejuvenated The Humble Card Game

With the online gaming industry expected to be worth $100 billion by 2017, it is becoming increasingly important for game and app developers to diversify the content they produce; offering a wide range of games for a variety of personalities. It is hard to believe that so many humble card games have been rejuvenated by simply putting the games on mobiles and tablets.

With the click of a button, it is possible to play a wealth of online card games, offering a vast array of differing elements. Whether you want your card game to include elements of fantasy or even golf, there is something out there for everyone. With more people learning these games than ever before it is clearly the fresh design and bonus features that have brought everyone back to simplicity.

On the face of it, there are multiple reasons why social and mobile gaming have grown in popularity during the last five years. To begin with, these platforms are far more affordable and accessible to everyday consumers, as mobile games can usually be enjoyed for free and without having to invest in an expensive console. Given the need to reduce expenditure in the wake of Great Recession, mobile and social gaming subsequently offers enthusiasts the opportunity to indulge their passion while also saving money.

Despite creating the illusion of free entertainment, however, mobile gaming is creatively structured and builds revenues through the introduction of different tiers and options. Some games such as Farmville offers participants the opportunity to invest capital at different stages of play, for example, which affords them flexibility in terms of how and when they spend.

Another huge benefit of social and mobile gaming is that the platforms enable players to interact online and in real-time. This creates a far more collaborative, engaging and interactive experience for gamers, who can also drive more intense levels of competition and enjoyment as a result. Games such as Zynga poker now have over 35.8 million monthly users making it one of the most popular social games online and it is down to the fun aspect of learning, whether it’s learning to play a game like blackjack, or understanding what’s behind blackjack technology. This has merit across all types of games, especially some social titles that actively encourage online players to collaborate in order to complete tasks and attain new levels. Given the anti-social reputation that has blighted console gaming over time, this is a refreshing change that opens up entirely new options and markets for designers.

Building on our future predicting posts of the past, the argument for social and mobile gaming seems to be more compelling, however, console fans will claim that products such as the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One have incorporated online capabilities in order to boost their market appeal. This will resolve one issue that blights console gaming in the modern age, however, designers and developers will need to find a way of reducing costs if they are to compete with social and mobile platforms. Put simply, the majority of gamers are not in a position to spend hundreds of pounds on titles or consoles at present, and are therefore being forced to compromise by embracing social and mobile games.

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Online Gaming Statistics Card Game

Online Gaming 2017 – Card Game Rejuvenation

Online Gaming Statistics Card Game

Online Gaming Statistics Card Game