WorldMate – A USEFUL iPhone App – Cartoon

I usually check out every cartoon spoof about any popular genre. But few times have I laughed as much as when I saw this cartoon that is truer then a heart attack on steroids. There are so many app in the iPhone App Store and 80% of it just tricks and stuff showcasing the hardware features on it without actually doing ANYTHING useful. I remember when all our Geek Master Steve Jobs was standing on that stage showcasing the new iPhone and all its potential. The world would never be the same.

However, turns out the iPhone actually took a path of its own. Just like the Internet did after some of the more “shadow crawlers” started putting up porn as the main content. Here we are, with an app store full of apps, wonderful apps meant to help and enhance our lifestyle multiple times. YEAH RIGHT! “Popcorn App”, “EZ Money App”, “Electric Razor App”…when will it end??

Well, at least all of them are kinda fun. That I have to agree with. And that is what makes this cartoon SOO funny. Cause it’s true. The truth is usually the best comedy. Look at “Seinfeld”! Haha.

WorldMate Max And the iPhone: World Crisis