X-Ray iPad App: This Time It’s For Real

Oh Lord, here we go again! It’s another application that claims it will favor the voyeuristic tendencies in your life. We have heard it all before, right? It’s an application that will enable you to see through things people are trying to cover up. It’s the ultimate holy grail of apps, and I am sure that one day we will see one that will impress us all. We have seen apps before that mimic the behavior of such an app, but it’s all been synthetic. As far as I know, there is no cheap technology that you can actually put into a smartphone and bring this feature to your fingertips. Anyone who tells me this is possible is simply citing fiction.

Well, that was until today. I saw this thing and started wondering what approach these guys might have. As it turns out, it is actually real. Yeah, to a level which you can expect I guess. Of course, we’re not talking about a real x-ray application that will enable you to walk in public, stalk beautiful girls and see what they hide underneath their clothes. That would be pretty much illegal.

Nope, this one has a whole new approach. It will actually undress the models in the new Moosejaw clothing catalog. Yup, just turn on the application and start paging through the clothes. If you see something you like, you can just hover the iPad, iPhone or Android over the particular model and voila, the upper layer of the clothes disappears in an instant. Creepy? Definitely is! But, I guess this is more for buyers who want to see what the models are wearing underneath so they know what could match. This is a double edged sword if you ask me. Their sales will most likely skyrocket since this is going to hit the viral fan any day now (if it hasn’t already), but I think that the creepy phone calls to the sales people (unless this catalog is meant for only online purchases) are going to skyrocket as well.

X-Ray App For Moosejaw Catalogue

Via: [DVICE]