ZOMBIES, RUN!: Exercise While Running For Your Life

I would be the first one in the room to admit that I truly need to get my butt out of the office chair and put on a pair of running shoes. I could definitely use the exercise even though I don’t always want to admit it to myself. Getting in shape is not only healthy for us, but it also drives our creativity. However, it’s not always the easiest of things to motivate ourselves when the desk in front of us is full of papers and a long ass to-do list that is staring us in the face screaming, “No way you will ever catch up dude! I’ll make sure of that!” Lately I have gotten into the mindset of actually finding some time to get the track on, if you know what I mean.

It would certainly help if there was some kind of out of the ordinary motivation that helped us take that first step. I think I have found what could make not only me, but maybe even a few of you, get out there and exercise as well. It’s called “ZOMBIES, RUN!” and it is most definitely going to put some fire under those shoes of yours. It’s a newly announced iPhone app that will simulate a zombie attack in your area and neighborhood.

Basically what does is send you on missions to pick up emergency packages and stuff, and by doing so, you will save people that are living inside the safety zone, which I assume is your own home. It’s the ultimate motivator since it will be talking to you while you are out running and telling you the whole storyline. Somewhere in the middle of your mission, there will be zombies coming after you, which will definitely make you put a little effort into your exercise. This is by far the coolest exercise app I have ever seen, and I will be more then happy to spend a couple of bucks for it to get my run on so I can get some exercise. The app is under development, and as I write this, the app hasn’t even gone out of pledge mode over at Kickstarter yet. Pledge now and you could get some goodies to go with your order. (App now available on iTunes for $3.99)

ZOMBIESm RUN! iPhone App

Zombie Run iPhone Exercise App