Why SaaS SEO Is A Worthy Investment

Since there are plenty of channels out there that drive SaaS growth, you might be wondering why SEO for SaaS is a worthy investment. You can post numerous Facebook or Reddit posts and get immediate traffic, while SEO results won’t be palpable for at least a couple of months.

However, the answer is quite simple actually — SEO and content marketing represent the foundation of a sustainable, scalable, and predictable SaaS growth strategy.

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Why Rely On SEO?

Before we go into the nitty-gritty of why SaaS SEO is worth the trouble and why you should hire an expert SaaS SEO service & leading SEO marketing agency, note the following. Some of the world’s most successful companies have invested in content-driven growth.

We’re not saying that you should follow these companies’ examples blindly or that their sole focus is content marketing. A varied growth strategy is essential, but SEO and marketing are the forces that drive it forward.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at three crucial reasons why SEO for SaaS is the key for companies that want to scale quickly.

SEO Scales Significantly

Acquisition strategies and marketing channels run the world at the moment. Inbound marketing and SEO for SaaS stand as the most scalable and predictable growth approaches. This is because results generated from SEO compound with time. If the SEO strategy is well-executed, exponential growth becomes visible in targeted traffic, which can then turn into leads and users.

What goes in your favor is that search traffic is typically predictable. However, obtaining top SaaS SEO services from an expert SEO marketing agency is still recommended. To create valuable content, you cannot only rely on your knowledge. Capable professionals will help you focus on a set of keywords, improve your search rankings, build high-authority links, etc.

Naturally, the exact number of people searching for a predictable query will vary. Yet, you can estimate how many people will click on your link if you rank as number one for a basic term like “content marketing software.” So, we urge you to think about devoting SEO for SaaS to pros.

SEO Reduces Paid Marketing Dependence

Although paid marketing sounds like a good deal, many SaaS companies can become overly reliant on it. Paid marketing is effective, but once a SaaS company enters paid growth, it makes sense to avoid paid acquisitions and turn to more scalable strategies.

Why do we say this? Well, over time, the costs of acquiring users through a paid channel will increase. As new competition enters the market and more advertisers aim for the same inventory through paid channels, your expenses will become huge. And with paid acquisition, if you reduce your costs, you stop growing.

Luckily, content marketing and SEO work in the opposite way. Mind you, SEO is not free, but the marginal costs of acquiring new users will decrease with time. This has to do with inbound traffic and its growth, thus making the traffic value recognizable on a compound basis.

As a long-term strategy, SEO helps companies that need to take a step back from paid channels as primary drivers for new users and sign-ups. But, you can read more on SEO here.

SEO Powers All Acquisition Strategies

Not surprisingly, SEO cannot function as a limited entity. Over time, investing in links, keywords, and the content will yield results shown as targeted traffic. However, website traffic does not guarantee revenue or sign-ups. SEO alone is not enough to capture, cultivate, and convert traffic into users.

However, what SEO can do is “feed the machine,” so to say. What does that mean? SEO will help you by providing a continuous influx of traffic to fill up your marketing funnel. Generated traffic powers other strategies and channels, thus driving email subscribers, for example. This is what makes SEO for SaaS a key component for successful marketing.

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