Avatar Graffiti Timelapse | Even James Cameron is in AWE!

Everything around us is all about the new and released Avatar movie. Since it’s announcement it has been one of the most talked about happenings of 2009. It sure wasn’t going to go by unnoticed and the word of mouth even brought the expectations even higher. When time came for the Cameron camp to launch their hype machine things already were as big as most movies will ever get their advertisement campaigns to get. People started creating their own movie intros, imagined artwork and even wrote their own plots and scripts. Some even went to the extents to say their script was a lost and found one to even get more people to check out their blogs.

Well, since the movie premiered in theaters all around the world last Friday the 18th things have been all about Avatar. People crave it even if they have seen the movie already. They want more and more. I have a suspicious feeling this will be another franchise a’la “Aliens” that James Cameron will launch sequels to. Hopefully with the same success as Aliens as I thought the number 2 movie in the series was the best one.

Greatly impressed by the trailer (yup, you guessed it. I haven’t seen the entire movie yet) I set out on a quest to get a few more glimpses of the movie and pretty much caught the 16 minutes James Cameron allowed for the various trailers to be released. But I found so much more. Great and bad. It didn’t really matter to me. Then I found this! A timelapse clip of a guy doing a piece of graffiti on a CASIO store inspired by the movie Avatar. And boy was I impressed. It looks so freakishly good and I would love to call this guy to come paint his art in one of my rooms to get that cool aura he portraits. Just stunning work! Enjoy!