Papercraft Animation: Genius Flip Craft Design

I remember seeing a rather genius animation not too long ago about a guy who created a kind of paper flip animation. I was stunned by the extreme flow it had. Although I can’t really remember what it was, I still have that feeling of amazement when I think about it. The whole concept was so fresh and well done that I started to wonder if this could develop into something bigger and something more widespread. I think I was right.

Parkour is a freerunner website for people that don’t like to be held down by obstacles that are man made. It’s a freestyle jumping sport where you see objects as tools instead of obstacles. Parkour is a central place for people that are freerunners and want to share videos, photos and information about their achievements.

They decided to do a little advertising campaign to lure more people to the site. To do that, they created a really cool and inspiring papercraft animation based on their achievements. With a few flicks, the character comes to life and the animation is flowing beautifully. This is pure madness in a perfectly delivered dose of genius. I like how the whole thing evolves from just a blank piece of paper into a huge city where you see the character drop only to continue his journey. Heck, even I want to start doing this stuff now… the animations that is. Hmm, maybe even the freerunning. We’ll put it on the schedule, and I’ll see if I like it when I check into it more…