The Evolution Of Graphic Design [Infographic]

As with almost anything nowadays, there is a history that goes back a long way when it comes to graphic design. Some people may think that this whole thing we call graphics is just something we made up when we first started using computers, and it became possible to draw simple pictures on them. Of course we have evolved since then, and the way we do things today is a lot more advanced than back then. Today while attending a graphic design degree program we have tablets that can do stuff ten thousand times better than the first software we could draw on. It’s all about processor speed really, and the software we have access to is getting more and more advanced.

However, the whole graphic design scene is way older than that. It actually goes way back to the stone age when the people chalked and cut their images into stone. I am sure they used other materials to draw on, but stone was the only one that kept their creative outlets for years and years. Once again, Tech King put together a really interesting look at the history of graphic design, and they call it “The Darwinian Evolution of Graphic Design.

Even though the infographic isn’t exactly all about graphic design, it helps you understand the levels that graphic design has gone through, how technology changed its course, and how it constantly kept evolving through the years. It’s interesting to follow the evolution through the milestones that changed graphic design and brought us all the way to where we are today. Wuation really is where we are heading after this. With games like Minecraft and Terraria, we’re seeing a little retro graphics being used again, and I wonder where this will take us in the near future. Will we retreat a bit to what we used to think was cool, or will we see a whole new kind of graphic design in games and in web and graphic design? I guess the future holds the answer to that one.

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The Evolution Of Graphic Design