If The Grand Theft Auto Trailer Was Shot In Super Mario

Things move fast in the world of gaming, and titles that were released just a few years ago have already had several iterations since then. Sequel after sequel seemingly busts new records when it comes to sales and players. What were 2D games before have now become realistic looking 3D games that will keep you busy for hours and hours if not days. Take Super Mario for example, even though this title has had many more than 20 different games created since the first game was released, we have seen a huge development from 2D sideways scrolling to full on 3D gameplay. It’s insane really.

The new Grand Theft Auto game was recently announced, and it is blowing people away when it comes to graphics. The first iteration of the GTA game was in top down 2D game view, and since then, there is almost no way to describe the progressive development that the cash cow of Rockstar Games has gone through. The latest trailer of the game has gained a following like no other, and people are lining up their pre-orders like never before.

As always, someone finds a way to take the whole thing just one step further. YouTuber E1Sunz put up this really cool Super Mario and Grand Theft Auto trailer mashup which I think is a creation from the people over at Dorkly. To introduce the clip to you is quite easy as well. It is the new Grand Theft Auto trailer created out of all Super Mario gaming footage, and it is awesome. Every scene has been recreated in a unique and clever way. It’s definitely a must see!

Grand Theft Mario Trailer Mashup

Via: [Neatorama]