Inception: Explained In Infographic! [Spoiler]

It debuted as the second most successful sci-fi genre movie of all time. Only “The Matrix” scored a higher grossing first weekend. Leonardo DiCaprio certainly knows how to pick his movies. I haven’t yet seen the movie myself, but it sure looks like a nice little brain twister. However, when looking at the movie trailer, I got the feeling that not everyone is going to find the movie interesting. I am sure the special effects will draw people to see it, but do they really understand the concept?

This is the reason why someone decided to draw up a simple infographic of the movie, and they did it quite nicely. I keep looking at it, and I find new things each time. It’s one of those explorer kind of infographics. Due to the fact that I haven’t seen the movie yet, some things still make it all a little blurry. However, maybe that’s just how it goes when you haven’t seen it yet.

Either way, it looks like a really well made movie with a plot line that is more than enough for you to discuss and to think about days after you have seen it. Maybe I am wrong and just wish this were the case. I remember when I saw “The Matrix” for the first time. I went around for days just collecting all the visuals and plot lines in there. So, if you have seen Inception and have a few minutes to spare, will you please tell us if this infographic lives up to to the movie?