Website Code Music | “Rockstar Designer” Gets A New Meaning!

I have been a music producer / writer for over 20 years with a number of songs recorded, but never did I I think I would hear what my website code would sound like. Sitting in the studio day after day and night after night can sometimes be quite depressing, especially when you’re working alone and trying to keep yourself motivated to pull through on another song. Of course you always do it and are most likely pleased with the result, but it’s long hours and you are almost never entirely satisfied with the stuff because you are sitting with the song for so many hours hearing it over and over again in order to make the correct production for it.

That’s why when I saw this I was quite intrigued. In literally one click of a button you can hear what your website would sound like if it was music. Music might be the wrong word for it… more like tones. If the code could be translated into some kind of verifiable data then you would be able to actually listen to it. And what a surprise, someone actually went and did this.

CodeOrgan is a site entirely dedicated to website music. Not the usual music you are used to and most likely not by any artists that you know of from the radio. No, it is music created by your rockstar designer friends and colleagues. Now you too can walk around in sunglasses pretending you’re a superstar just like someone I know. So, slip on the white tennis socks, the black loafers, and those short pants you’ve always saved in case the 80’s returned. Strike a pose and go moonwalking! It’s your time to shine!

Oh, and did I say that I LOVE the 8 Bit feel of it! Bangin’!