Angry Birds: This Time As Real Life Game Play

Some consider Angry Birds to be one of the most addicting games of all time, and I am ready to agree. However, for me it’s not just that I like playing it, but that I actually have to make sure I clear each level with a three star rating. And believe me, it’s easier said than done! You have to find the strategically correct positions for each bird to strike at the exact right position in order to get the really high scores.

As a matter of fact, I have been so into the game before trying to fall asleep that I have actually sought guidance on YouTube in order to get the really awesome results. But there is quite a bit about Angry Birds on YouTube, so unfortunately, it takes a while to sift through it all.

However, now there is an even better option. Now you can, at least for a limited time, play the Angry Birds game in real life. Yeah, that’s right, in real life, and it has all the effects you would ever want it to have. First I thought that there would be humans being thrown, but I suddenly realized that that was not the real way Angry Birds worked, so when they started throwing those birds, I got a little disappointed yet entertained at the same time.

The things that really caught my eye were of course the insane explosions that happen whenever something hits the green pigs in the build. There are hundreds of people standing around, and yet the explosions are making a huge impact. It almost looks dangerous hanging around there. I guess they had it all under control, and after all, the game play was perfectly and accurately reenacted. So once again we are haunted by the splendor of Angry Birds, the most birdiefied game ever made.

Angry Birds Reenacted Game Play