Perfect Eyebrow Shaving Template For Men

It’s once again time to open the infamous box of WTF items of the day. There are a lot of them on the Internet, and there seems to be no stop to them. People come up with the most ridiculous things sometimes. I mean, some of the things people email us are not only ridiculously geeky, but also unearthly and unheard of before. The fact that some people find these things to be necessities in their lives is still mind-boggling to me. This time around, we’re going to check out a pretty geeky tool to help men get the perfect eyebrows. Maybe I need these after all, who knows, right? Maybe you are thinking the same thing. It’s actually a template to help men shave to get the perfect eyebrows. Does it sound like a product for you?

Apparently this thing is trendy in Japan, and one might wonder why it wouldn’t catch on over here also, right? It’s always good to have good grooming habits. After all, we wouldn’t want to start looking like walruses. There is one thing that concerns me with this “perfect eyebrow shaving guide” though. It’s that it doesn’t really prevent you from getting a unibrow. That is something feared by every man alive, or at least it should be.

This tool that is supposed to give men perfect eyebrows is made available by Japan Trend Shop and will set you back $32 (US). Is it worth it? Well, ask yourself this, do you feel like you have embarrassing eyebrows but no chance of developing a unibrow? If your answer is yes, I would suggest ordering one or two. That way, you can keep one at home and take one template with you while you’re on the road traveling. After all, you want to be able to maintain those perfect eyebrows and make sure you look mint when the time comes to be out in public. This template or guide (whatever you prefer to call it) will totally make sure you are liked by the ladies. Well, if you don’t develop a unibrow that is. Uhm, maybe the ladies like those too, I don’t know. Do you?

Get Perfect Eyebrows With This Grooming Tool – Or?




Via: [Gizmodiva]