Psychedelic Bacon – Ever Seen a Green or Blue Pig?

I am not a very big bacon eater. Every now and then I order some on a hamburger but that’s probably it. I am one of those weird people that kinda feels the taste of bacon is a little bit overwhelming, but that’s just me. It seems like most people love bacon; and therefore, we have countless products that taste like bacon. It’s quite interesting actually since the taste of it isn’t exactly what you would think would appeal to most people.

However, it seems like there are even more ways to cook bacon nowadays than ever before. Not only that, people seem to want their bacon in different colors as well. It’s true! Okay, maybe not everyone, but there is someone out there that wants to have his bacon in psychedelic colors, and that someone is designer Neil Caldwell.

How about red, blue, green, yellow and purple bacon strips? If you were served these bacon strips at a restaurant, would you wrinkle your forehead and ask the waiter what the hell was wrong with them? Or, would you silently and politely eat them only to find that they were just as tasty and fresh as your usual bacon strips?