Star Wars Shoes: Walk Like A True Trooper!

There is no end to the exceptionally cool Star Wars mania that is going on in the world. No wonder Mr. Lucas is on his toes trying to get payment for everything people shovel out and market with his brand. I am sure he has a truck load of cash delivered to his account daily with all these products getting launched all the time. Clothing is one of the most trending products it seems. If I am not mistaken, people like to dress in all kinds of Star Wars wear and the geekier it is, the more they sell.

This time it’s a pair of sneakers that has been available since June this year (2010). They come in three different styles: Lighted General Grievous, Lighted Captain Rex, and Darth Vader. You will have to cough up between $35-$55 for the pair, and they only come in children’s sizes.

So, if you want to geek out your teenager like you would have wanted to be geeked out yourself, then this is probably the way to go. Whether they look good or not is, of course, not the point. Just as long as they are Star Wars inspired, anything goes. Kids have a sure way of showing off their Star Wars hotness, or was that back in the ’80s perhaps…