The Creation Of The Original Stormtrooper Helmet From Scratch

There is so much Star Wars awesomeness out there that I am sure if I really wanted to, I could cover several week’s worth of article content with it. It ranges from original never before seen photos of the actual shooting of the first Star Wars movie to Star Wars pens that light up like Christmas trees. You can really find it all out there, and it’s hard to focus on just the best sometimes. I instantly feel like I have found awesomeness when I stumble upon something cool. Yeah, that’s really how we do it. We get a lot of stuff sent to us from our readers and the creators of things, and they want us to look at it.

This time around, it’s the making of an original Stormtrooper helmet that is under our review. Well, this is not much of a review, it’s more like something you just have to see. The creation of a Stormtrooper helmet is anything but a simple process, and it is described and shown in detail here. This particular one, of course, is of the original Stormtrooper helmet. Even though this guy, Ainsworth, was the creator of the helmet Lucas Arts used, they later sued Ainsworth for making replicas and selling them around the world.

Lucas Arts won in court; however, in England Ainsworth actually won. The ruling was that creating replicas of the helmet he helped to create was not a copyright infringement. Either way, this is some seriously awesome hand-crafting, and in another life, I definitely want to become a prop-sculptor or something else creative. So what do you think? Is the Stormtrooper helmet the best science fiction helmet ever made? Can you name another one that is definitely above it in rank?

Creation Of The Original Stormtrooper