The Learning Power Of Lego [Infographic]

It’s a day of joy today since I have finally found something that is very dear to our hearts over here at Bit Rebels. No, it doesn’t have anything to do with Star Wars (even though that too is close to our hearts), but the one building block that had the most impact on our learning when we are young and eager to create. Yeah, the subject I am going to deliver today has everything to do with Lego of course. But, it is not a build or some crazy creation where Lego is the founding block of its existence. We are simply going to adventure into the history of the Lego block itself, and what it has and continues to achieve each and every day of the year.

I managed to stumble over a really cool and informative infographic that was created by Online College for the one purpose of enlightening us when it comes to the power of the block. Well, actually, the infographic itself is called The Learning Power Of Lego and takes us from the very beginnings of the block to what it has become. Of course, it is packed with statistics and all kinds of awesomeness. I doubt there is anyone who hasn’t heard of the insane creativity the Lego block harbors, and what it has done for every generation since it was introduced in the 1940s.

Over 400 billion Lego blocks have been produced since it was introduced to the world, and it has become a leading force when it comes to teaching children logic and a bunch of other useful knowledge that we all have at some point come to use in our everyday life. Lego is no longer just a block meant for play, but also a great tool when acquiring knowledge in various areas that we previously only had a pen and paper to elaborate our ideas on. I guess some of the block’s success lies in the extreme research and development phase that initially lead up to its official release and patent in 1958. There was extensive research done in order to create the ultimate design for the product. There was also the challenge to find the perfect material for a long lasting toy that could be used over and over again without ending up as a broken piece of plastic. I can’t state it enough, but Lego really is the solution to everything.

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Via: [Cool Infographics]