Wonder Sauna Hot Pants For Men & Women

Welcome back to the world of the weird and wonderful, or as we say here at Bit Rebels, the WTF of the day. If you have ever tried to lose weight by using one of the TV Shop “wonder” solutions, you know that most of the time it is just the selling technique that really works. After all, you bought the product and tried it without experiencing the incredible results they showcased on the channel. That’s how they pretty much do it. They sell you stuff and then give you a few weeks to return it if you don’t like it. Sometimes I think the whole business plan behind it is to sell stuff and earn money off the people who don’t have the energy to send it back. It most likely isn’t, but how can you argue with that when you see some of the products presented?

However, back in the ’70s these things were a whole lot different, the products I mean. They were a whole lot more weird and funny. Back then, it seems like people just bought things because they saw an ad, no matter how ridiculous they looked. You don’t understand what I mean? Well, have a look at these Wonder Sauna Hot Pants for both men and women. Do you understand it a little bit better now?

Did people actually buy these things and sleep in them? They must be ridiculously uncomfortable, and they sure can’t be good for ANY part of your body. Like for real! But then again, if you look at it from another perspective, mainly the weird, they are kind of rad. It’s like a pair of party trunks that you could totally sport to a beach or a pool party. I wouldn’t recommend using them after having a few beers though, but as cool as they look, they could be what totally jump starts the party.



Via: [Retronaut]