5 Things You Should Know About Edibles

With the rise in popularity of cannabis, there are many different forms that it can take. One such form is edibles which have come a long way over just the last few years and we couldn’t be more pleased by how mainstream they’ve become! If you’re interested in learning about some things about these delicious treats for your taste buds’ delight read on…

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1. You Won’t Feel The High Immediately

Edible goodies are a great way to get your dose of medicine without feeling like you’re taking an opioid. The effects only last about 40 minutes, so we always recommend eating small amounts and waiting before eating more if it’s the first time trying edibles.You can visit the Kushfly site to try the best edibles.

2. Not All Edibles Are Created Equal

Edibles come in all kinds of variations, including 5mg -over 1000 mg. So there’s more than just choosing the right edible because it looks delicious; you need to read for THC content too and not go overboard or underdo your dose!

3. Edibles Can Be Infused In Many Different Ways

The THC in edibles gets into the edible by adding cannabutter, which is cannabis infused butter. This is a popular method when making baked goods such as brownies or cookies where staple ingredients are butters. Edible items can also be infused with THC oil and these snacks usually come in gummy form- most commonly for feeling an effect without tasting anything too much like marijuana itself (for instance many types of candies).

4. Edibles Can Produce A Different High Than Flowers

Edibles are powerful and can have a more intense high. It’s important to be aware that everyone’s body is different, so you may experience different effects from edibles than someone else who uses them.

5. You Can’t Just Add Cannabis Flower To A Brownie And Make an Edible

Most brownie edibles are made with cannabutter. If you were to add cannabis flower into the mix it would not turn out weed as expected; instead, the THC has activated in a special way that causes this product’s flavor profile and consistency differences from traditional buttery treats.

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