8 Body Hacks For A Longer Life [Infographic]

I bet some of you have felt the rewards of sitting in a chair all day long in front of your computer, or maybe you’re a couch potato who doesn’t get up unless there is an emergency. I find myself in the situation where I spend several hours in front of the computer without moving at all. It’s just how it goes when you’re a coder and designer. There are lots of things people do on their computers that take all our time and dedication, but at what cost are you doing them? Do you want to live a long life and still be dedicated to a dream or a goal? There are of course several ways you can adjust this lifestyle in order to get healthier and live a longer life. With the help of some rather easy and straight forward body hacks, you will be able to get it all in check.

One thing you can do, which is not included on this list of hacks, is to see if you can get one of those desks that you can lower and raise to enable you to stand by your computer instead of sitting. That way, you instantly eliminate all of the hazards of sitting down for several hours in a row. More body hacks are explained in this infographic, called Body Hacks For A Longer Life, designed by Infographic World and published by YellowRobin.

It all boils down to the normal 8, as I call them. It’s a mixture of making sure you stay off the bad stuff and stay on the good stuff. Both mental and physical exercise are necessary in order to enjoy a healthy life, and there are many things you can do to make sure you are always fit. A simple daily 20 minute walk could impact your life in ways you could never imagine. It gets your blood pressure down, and you workout your muscles which means you get oxygen into all parts of your body. By doing that, you clean out all the bad toxins you might have soaked up during the day.

Have a look at this infographic and vacuum it for ways you can enhance your life, and you will find that within a couple of weeks you will not only feel better, but you will have created a cycle of healthy routines that will help you live a life in both mental and physical good health. My humble advice is to continuously make small adjustments to feel better. You are the one who knows what’s best for you since you are the one who feels the instant impact of your actions. There is nothing better than feeling healthy while following a dream or realizing a goal. Good health is the equivalent of happiness, never forget that.

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Via: [visual.ly]