How To Make A Cancer Man Interested In You

According to, men with the Cancer sign are charming individuals. They’re also quite romantic. If you’re a woman looking for love, how can you not want someone so sweet in your life? If trying to get one to fall for you has proven elusive in the past, that’s about to change.

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What Makes Cancer Men Attractive

You might know that Cancer men are what you want, but do you know why? According to, even among the same Zodiac sign, males can be different individuals. Still, among Cancers, men tend to be:

  • Sentimental: As you get to know him, you might just find out how many things in his closet were happy parts of his childhood.
  • Intuitive: Cancer men can be just as analytical as other men, but they’re not totally overcome by it either.
  • Caring: Once you get a Cancer man to care about you, you’re going to be in for a treat with how much he does it.
  • Loyal: Relationships matter a lot to Cancer males, so don’t worry about them walking away easily.

Things Cancer Men Find Attractive

Cancer males find many things attractive. The following are a handful that you should focus on if you find a match:

Be Neat And Orderly

Keep your appearance neat and organized. Start with how you dress when you meet him. Definitely wear something that flatters your figure and is feminine, but also keep it somewhat conservative, perhaps even traditional.

Also, clean up any personal areas where he might visit you. Your work desk shouldn’t be covered in papers. Nor should your home have piles of dirty laundry everywhere. He’s not looking for an OCD clean freak, but obvious signs of basic effort do a lot to impress him.

Exude Traditional Femininity

Sensual and flirty outfits do wonders with Cancer men. Throw in some floral perfume and you have a winning combo. If you’re not sure what to use, go for a classic scent such as rose. He’s not looking for someone to be another one of the guys around him so much as someone that matches his ideal mental picture of what a wife and mother should be. An occasional dirty joke and some wit can spice up conversations with a lot of men, but Cancers are looking for compassion from a soft-spoken woman when alone with them.

Cook Him A Meal

This one is tricky. Cancer men are known for being withdrawn and even shy, so inviting him over alone to your place too soon can wreck things. However, once you’ve seen him enough times for there to be some emotional bonding, you might be able to lure him in without looking like you’re moving too quickly.

Cancer men are looking for traditional homes, so showing off any homemaking skills you have will impress him. Cooking is certainly something traditional, whether you do it for him or the two of you do it together.

Let Him Know You Love Family

Talk about how much you love your current family. Also, mention your personal dreams of marriage and starting up a family. Most Cancer men look forward to having kids at some point. Any alignment of your dreams with him boosts your odds.

Mention the maternal side of your current or past family. Focus on time with your mother or lessons learned. Cancer men are the prototypical mama’s boys.

Keep It Consistent

Cancer men aren’t big on spontaneity. Some are certainly necessary for romantic surprises, but it needs to be the exception rather than the rule of thumb. Remember, Cancer guys love organization in their life, and that’s not just cleaning up their home but also avoiding too much chaos in their schedule.

How To Make Yourself Unattractive To A Cancer Man

No matter how many steps you take to lure the cancer male of your dreams into your life, your efforts will backfire if you’re also doing things that will push him away. Avoid these in particular:

  • Material Dependence: Cancer males love providing you emotional support, since they expect so much of it. However, if you are physically dependent on him, be it money, food, or something else, his view of you will change dramatically. Cancer men love women who have their own existence and life.
  • Don’t Be Around 24/7: You might want to spend all day, every day with him, but he won’t necessarily like it. Maintain some independence in your life. Space adds spice because it keeps him wanting more even while he has you.
  • Be Outgoing: Shyness is common among Cancer males. Even if you use every trick listed in this content, you might have to still make the first move.

In Conclusion

You’re far from alone if you crave the romance and sweetness that Cancer men can bring into your life. However, you should know now how to draw them in and what not to do.

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