Top Bathroom Cleaning Hacks For Quick Results

You already know the importance of cleaning your home, but let’s be honest nobody likes to clean the bathroom. It’s perhaps the most dreaded of all rooms in your home to clean. With the right tools and preparation, it’s not as bad as it sounds though. Use the hacks below to make cleaning the bathroom easier than ever before.

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Use Shaving Foam On Mirrors

When your mirrors become all fogged up from the steam, just spray on a little shaving foam and wipe it off with a cloth or paper towel. Best of all, the mirror will stay steam-free for up to two weeks.

Use Vinegar On Windows

White vinegar is an excellent all-purpose cleaner. Not only can it be used to soften fabrics in the washer, but you can also use it to clean the windows. Bathroom windows tend to get dirty more quickly than windows elsewhere in the house. For that streak-free finish, mix one-part white vinegar with half a part of rubbing alcohol at 70%. Pop on some gloves and wipe the glass down. Leave the window open afterward to get rid of any smells.

Bicarbonate Of Soda To Banish Mildew

Mildew is almost unavoidable in a bathroom and shower curtains are prime hot spots. That’s why it’s important to regularly clean your curtain. There’s no need for expensive products. Just mix warm water together with some bicarbonate of soda and a bit of vinegar, and place the shower curtain in the tub.

Clean The Toilet With Vinegar Too

Toilets get filthy quickly and depending on how many members share your household you may need to get your hands dirty more often than you’d like to. Looking for the best way to clean your toilet? A thorough scrubbing using bicarbonate of soda and vinegar will work wonders in reducing stains and leaving your toilet bowl all shiny and fresh.

Get Rid Of Limescale On Showerheads

Unfortunately, limescale tends to build up quickly on showerheads. It can be a little tricky knowing how to clean shower heads. Prevention is usually the best way to reduce build-up. But if you’ve left things a little too long, there are ways to banish limescale. Simply unscrew the showerhead from the hose or wall fitting and pop it in a water bath with white vinegar. Allow it to soak overnight. The limescale should be gone in the morning.

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