How to: Update all your Social Networks at once!

I guess nowadays no one is really just using one Social Networking service but utilizing several at the same time. As we all know spending a true amount of time on one can be quite successful and using several even more. But you can’t just spend a little time on each thinking that you will be all set for the success you’re looking for. It takes effort and personal engagement throughout your social networking campaign, career or whatever you want to call it. And engagement takes time. A lot of time.

So what can you do to make sure you’re using every single favored social networking service to your advantage and still make sure you spend the necessary time on each. Well, the best thing would be to update them all at the same time. Right?

And yes, there is a way to do this and it’s super simple and makes a lot of sense. Using ShoZu, an application for iPhone, Blackberry and more, you can update ALL our Social Networking services at once within just a few steps. Checking this app out has made me quite excited about its possibilities and I can’t wait to check it out. First launched to the public back in August of 2009 this is the best way to keep ALL your friends and followers up to date with what it is you’re doing.

The app is about $4 and has a slew of cool features enabling you to update with pictures, videos etc in the same easy steps as everything else. I am definitely getting it and will try and utilize its power to the maximum. Can’t wait to get started.

The introduction video found on YouTube isn’t bad either. One of the most hilarious ones I have seen. If only more developers did theirs this way and we’d all have our days full of laughter. Enjoy!