How to use Social Media to Combat Drug Violence

I’ve been on Twitter for almost a year now. I’ve been on Myspace for about 4 years and Facebook I was on for just a brief amount of time. I don’t know what it is about Facebook that I don’t like. Maybe it’s all those games and questionnaires always popping up on my page every time I click something. Either way, I am sure Facebook is quite a platform, it has never proved to me to be useful but I am open for suggestions at any time. I certainly haven’t closed the door for it yet.

So, spending a lot of time on Social Media it is quite apparent that we all want to help each other to learn and find useful things as well as connect. But there is one thing I don’t see that often and it hurts like a thorn in my side. There are a few people that I admire on Twitter that I always see doing something for others. Always helping out in any way they can. I am trying my very best to RT everything that I know could make a difference in the world, however I am doing far too little to feel absolutely content with myself.

I am talking about charity and helping lesser fortunate to gain a voice in society. There are a few people on Twitter that I see really take time to help an the people I admire the most is of course our very own Twitter queen @Alyssa_Milano who goes way beyond to make sure a cause is seen to in any way possible. It’s amazing to see such a sweet personality in perfect harmony with her heart. The second person that I absolutely admire is @Jason_Pollock who’s Twitter presence and engagement is absolutely stunning. Every time I see him tweet something it’s almost always about something that needs looking at. And I always feel so inadequate when I see him using his time so efficiently to make sure everyone is doing alright.

When I look at these magnificent people I get a little bit sad. I find myself somewhat obsolete in my own actions. I know I should be doing so much more and still I always tend to fail doing it. I have promised myself that from this point, starting with this post, I will try and do everything I possibly can to make sure I at least try and do as much as both Alyssa Milano and Jason Pollock.

I want to take the opportunity to show my gratitude for all the inspiration you guys show me over and over again Alyssa and Jason. I want to make sure you know I think you are using Social Media the perfect way and for the finest causes. It’s truly inspirational to see such engagement and I hope to someday rival the engagement that you guys show. Thank you guys and keep up the great work!

To further start my engagement I found this rather inspirational clip that I think you guys should check out. Keep the faith and don’t forget to believe that anything is possible.