Living A Life On Facebook: The Path Of Online Dating

Just as we are all in the midst of discussing the new giant Google+‘s amazing march towards becoming one of the larges social networking services, there is something that caught at least my eyes. At first I didn’t think much about it, but as I started watching, it brought a whole new level of reality to my thoughts. Twitter, LinkedIn, Myspace and now also Google+ really lack one thing which is the reason why Facebook is still the undisputed king of the world when it comes to social networking. We are still awaiting new features from Google to enter into the world of Google+ and with the recent announcement of the New Features section, there is a wave of thoughts about what these new features just might be.

What I am talking about is the number of connections Facebook makes each and every year, which is their truly amazing feature. You might think that I am talking about networking and making connections for future friendships and possibly business endeavors. However, the largest percentage is of course the huge number of people who continuously fall in love over the Internet using Facebook as their single source of connection.

Tons of people find each other on Facebook, and for some it leads to a lifelong relationship that otherwise wouldn’t be possible due to distance or just the simple fact that you are not from the same city or even hang in the same parts of the town you’re both in. Maxime Luére is the mastermind of this truly amazing piece of video. Living your life through Facebook can certainly put you on an amazing path through your adventurous life. It’s up to you to choose what path you will take… what will it be? By the way, really check out Maxime’s AWESOME video reel at his website. Amazing stuff!

A Life On Facebook Video