What Do You Do When Someone Stalks You On Twitter?

Last week I was in a meeting with my boss (@leahbesajimenez) and before the meeting started, on our way to the meeting place, she asked me if I ever had a strange feeling that someone was stalking me on Twitter. I said luckily I do not have someone stalking me there. The question got me curious, and I asked her what was she experiencing. She says she just finds it weird that people are actually quoting her and calling her or they are discussing her tweets when she is in the room and it makes her feel uncomfortable.

I told her that probably they were just interested in what her day was like, or that they were interested in her tweets. She does have quite a number of very interesting tweets that range from advertising to technology.  After all, she is a geek like me. She told me that she has lessened her tweeting and does not like the feeling of being stalked. I do not blame her since it must be a pretty weird feeling. When we arrived at the meeting, I was amazed that some of the people in that meeting actually quoted her with one of her tweets and someone even mentioned that they assumed we were busy at the office because of the less frequent tweets. They were actually assuming things because of our tweets.

I asked her permission (my boss) to write about this and see if others have had the same experiences. As someone who has never had this happen, I was hoping to get some good and informative feedback from our readers here at Bit Rebels. Have you ever been stalked on Twitter? We know that Twitter is a social platform and our tweets are public, but does that give others the right to judge our activities and what we say? Do we now limit our tweets or stop tweeting all together when this happens?  Should we only follow the people we know really well? What do you think about all this?

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