Animated Infographic Of Audio Formats From 1980 To 2010

If you know your gadgets, you know that the cool thing to have back in the ’80s was of course the Walkman, or the Freestyle as some people called it. Listening to music on the go was the edgiest thing you could really do. However, in order to do that, you had to have a cassette of course. It was the premiere portable sound format to listen to, and you pretty much had that or vinyl records to choose from. Not to anyone’s surprise, people quickly chose the smaller and more portable choice which of course was the cassette. The sound quality compared to that of today is obviously not even comparable, but some audio freaks have stated after extensive research that vinyl or any other analog sound format has a richer sound.

For anyone who is wondering how we got from cassettes to CDs, I think I have a quick little animated infographic for you that you might like to check out. It’s the world’s favorite audio choices from 1980 all the way to 2010. It’s really interesting to see just how quickly things went from cassette to CDs, and also later into a digital format which of course involves iTunes and any other provider of music today.

It all came down to the mp3 format (or similar formats). We of course have to thank Shawn Parker who invented the format back when he was creating Napster. Shawn went on to have his butt chased by the major record companies, and he later got his own little share of Facebook for all of you who didn’t know. What is to come after the mp3 format is hard to foresee right now, but there are of course many speculations. Enjoy this quite cool animated GIF to see the world of audio change in front of your eyes.

Evolution Of Audio Format Infographic

Via: [Epic Ponyz] Header Image: [Nathan Staines]