Automated Sensor-Controlled Stair Lights Make Sleepwalking More Safe

Every now and then someone comes up with something that is so brilliant yet so ingeniously simple. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does it is definitely something that everyone wants. In this case, it is a German inventor that took it upon himself to make sure he and his family never fell down the stairs from the second floor again. What is it that he did? He created automated sensor controlled stair lights that are definitely going to make sleepwalking a whole lot safer.

I can see this invention becoming popular for a number of reasons. For people with visual disabilities, this is one of the most innovative and useful tools to brighten an otherwise dark passageway so they can easily see where they are going. Furthermore, for people with no visual disabilities this is perfect if they wake up in the middle of the night and need to go to the bathroom. Instead of stumbling your way downstairs, you simply need to keep walking, and every step you take will light up before you.

The brilliant part is not the stair lights themselves, but the fact that the feature is sensor controlled. This way as soon as you approach the stairs the whole stairway will light up one stair at a time. This will not only show you the stairs in front of you but also where the stairs are heading.

There might not be much advanced technology behind a feature like this, but the execution is brilliant or maybe even on the verge of genius. Every house should have this come standard. Well, if the house has stairs that is. I could even see these stair lights being implemented in hallways etc. where you just don’t want to have to reach for the light switch as soon as you step into it. The quality of the video might not be the best, but you can definitely see why these stair lights should be implemented in every house. Brilliant – Video uploaded by YouTuber ekhamburg.

Automated Sensor-Controlled Stair Lights

Sensor-Controlled Stair Lights