Benefits Of Symfony Framework For Your Web Startup

Symfony is an open-source PHP, full-stack MVC framework, which infuses many options and unique development routines of the PHP domain. Symfony is a standard for the development of e-commerce websites and for safe and scalable web applications. When starting your startup, hire a symphony developer and you must choose the right development technology and a good development company. The goal of each software is to bring value to the user. To create value, all segments of the software should be consistent and function perfectly, like a symphony.

Symfony has helped create professional sites, manage complex issues, and also respond to demanding environments. And that is what it has become. It is being used by Spotify, Dailymotion, BlaBlaCar, and Auchan E-commerce, to name a few.

Symfony provides a writing convention and organization method, a discipline of the product code, Model MVC (Controller View Model). As a result, teams are more productive and save time, which can then be invested in the business’s implementation strategy or resolving project boundary cases through experimentation and innovation.

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Why Should I Choose Symfony As A Development Framework?

1. Solid Reference Behind The System And Better Security.

Symfony is one of only a handful of few systems behind which is a solid organization–SensioLabs. SensioLabs continually puts resources into the turn of events and improvement of the actual structure. Since they use Symfony in their business, it’s a decent assurance that a structure will have a steady turn of events and solid improvement.

2. Limitless Flexibility

In its base, the Symfony contains a lot of usefulness. The two most significant functionalities are the capacity to make bundles and components. The bundle is a bunch of program resources. In Symfony, these are PHP, JavaScript, CSS, or Twig documents, which characterize specific usefulness or set of usefulness. The bundle is the same as the plugin. Bundles are easy to create, and you can reconfigure and reuse them for some applications to decrease the general improvement cost.

The components are conventional highlights that reduce routine tasks. The 30 useful Symfony components help in improvement and development. You can use components autonomously and add your custom modules with no difficulty to the architecture.

3. Tested, Trusted, And Real

In contrast to other people, Symfony showed by and by. Many tasks have been created using the Symfony system. A few programming organizations are likewise picking Symfony. Indeed, even many structures and CMS have accepted Symfony as their basis.

  • CMS: Drupal, Joomla!, Magento, PrestaShop
  • Systems: Laravel, OroCRM, Akeneo PIM, Yii, CakePHP

4. Lifelong Support And Faster Development

Symfony is a stable and tested structure with regular updates. The latest versions stay long-term supported with the more up-to-date deliveries – up to 3 years for some versions.

5. Testing

When you compose new lines of code, you likewise conceivably add new bugs. To fabricate better and more dependable applications, test your code use both functional and unit tests. Symfony gives both. Symfony coordinates with PHP library PHPUnit to help rich testing functionality. Unit tests are an approach to test single-class functionalities.

6. Large Group Of Experienced, Connected Users

Symfony is exceptionally well known with PHP designers. The community is exceptionally huge, and because of this, there are many puts on the Internet where helpful hints and instructional exercises can be found.

There is likewise an ever-increasing number of events with the theme of Symfony. Symfony Community is an energetic gathering of over 600,000 designers from about120 nations, all dedicated to assisting PHP with outperforming the outlandish.

7. Documentation And Easier Maintenance

At the point when we become more acquainted with innovation, the chief thing for us is that it is all around reported. Symfony has probably the best archive we have at any point met. Hence, the way toward learning the actual system is quick, and for experts, it is easy to stay aware of recent changes.


Symfony is an incredible PHP structure that permits the quick advancement and development of web applications. Aside from the speed, the Symfony is exceptionally reliable and excellent in performance. We consider Symfony a superb innovation for creating web applications and startup projects because of the entire above mentioned.

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