Beware: Fleshy Robot Hand

At the Tokyo International Food Machinery and Technology Exhibition in June, a very cool robot chef wowed the crowd. His name was “Chef Robot” (how creative). This robot, which was really more like just a robot hand, could even handle delicate sushi. Here’s the kicker, this robot had a very human fleshy looking hand, knuckles and all. As Donald Melanson from says, “nightmares forthcoming.”

Keep in mind; this was introduced as the technology of the future, in June. Now, only two months later, according to Fox News, “The future is now for one Japanese noodle shop.” As of this week, a robot chef is now preparing food for the customers. Of course, this takes place behind glass so he, or she, or it can entertain the patrons at the same time. The interesting thing is that the people in this video that are eating at the restaurant don’t seem surprised or entertained at all. As a matter of fact, it all seems like business as usual.

I think this technology is fascinating and I’d love to check it out in person. It all reminds me so much of the cooking robots in the Jetsons.

I’m sure that at the time this cartoon was created, in the 1960s, nobody thought there would actually be a robot chef in real life! According to Wikipedia, the Jetsons was originally supposed to take place in the year 2062.