Coffee Lovers: Here’s Your Indestructible Coffee Machine!

The day finally came when we saw indestructible machines inhabit the earth to forever keep us company. Never again do we need to sign those warranty papers when we purchase a new device. Most of the time, it just won’t break, simple as that. I wonder what this will do to commercialism as a whole. If nothing breaks, we have no need to buy new things. Demand will be met within a few months, period. That home appliance of yours will just… work, no matter how long you use it.

Well, maybe it’s not the scenario we’re looking for or even conceivable, but this new and interesting take on the coffee machine is quite tickling. The designer, Shmuel Linski, decided that enough is enough, and he gave his LavAzza coffee machine a facelift and cast its entire body in cement.

Yup, that’s right. The darn thing just won’t come apart… ever. It took some ingenuity to get it all together, but when finished, he sure had a unique and never before seen coffee machine that could withstand the next world war… and the next… and the next (God forbid). It could potentially become a handed down family treasure. Then again, there are probably much nicer looking things to put in your kitchen, right?