Coffee Talkies: Bring Your Java And Talk On It As Well!

Are you a coffee addict? Are you one of those people that always goes to Starbucks to get refills into your very own cup? Well, then this is totally for you, and it could be a life altering experience. How would you like to fill up that cup with the most delicious java, and on your way out, use it as a walkie talkie as well? This way you can always stay in touch with your partner in crime. It’s way better than the iPhone or any app that you can think of.

However, don’t fall for the awesomeness of this tremendous idea. It’s once again a truly wicked prank, perhaps for a birthday present, that will be concealed inside this priceless packaging. Whenever your friend gets the wrapping paper off the box, it will be apparent that you have scored the all time best first time impression on that unsuspecting person.

It’s one of those things that just screams to you that you will not find anything better than having two presents in one. I mean, first the box (that of course will be kept as well) and then opening it only to find the words “Prank You” kicking you in the face. Then, inside of it is the true present that you whole heartedly picked out to give to your friend. Isn’t that the best present ever?

Of course, this awesomeness comes from the Prank Pack bunch. This one, as well as the iArm Packaging, costs $8. It’s a small price for such an unforgettable packaging!