Building In Shanghai Installs Deployable Emergency Slide

Safety should always be of great concern in every aspect of life. You might think your world is secured, anchored and safe, but things can change in an instant without any input from you. It’s a lesson millions of people have learned through disasters, catastrophes and tragedies. Making sure you’re prepared is the one thing you can do so when the unfortunate happens, you’ll at least have prepared. That’s why they have installed a deployable emergency slide in a building in Shanghai.

Imagine for a second that you are relaxing in your home when suddenly the fire alarm goes off somewhere in your building. You don’t know where it is coming from, where the fire rages or even if there is a fire. What’s the best course of action? In all cases it’s best to get out, right? The owners of a building in Shanghai thought the same thing, so they decided to install a deployable emergency slide. It’s a marvel of a device really.

The thing is quite reminiscent of a joy slide sometimes installed in offices such as Google or any of the other technology companies around the world. This emergency slide’s purpose is to get its residents out as quickly as possible. And boy does it move people fast! The people behind the project say they can move people out of this five story house in 14 seconds with the help of their emergency slide. I assume that is for one person to get from the fifth floor and out of the building and not for the entire residential crowd to get out of the house.

The contraption is quite impressive as the stainless steel emergency slide is attached to two steel beams going from the bottom of the building all the way up to the top. The chute resides close to the ceiling when not deployed, but it will quickly drop down to stair level for people to get on and slide down. It is easy to make serious matters sound geeky and fun, but the fact is that this concept could actually save hundreds of lives once it is deployed in a real emergency. I think we all agree that it could be subject to abuse, right? I mean, it looks like a lot of fun as well!

Building Emergency Slide Fire Escape




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