Flex Display Phone: Makes Today’s Cell Phones Look Lame

We have stated many times that the cell phones we have today are dramatically going to change as soon as new technology gets released.  The OLED screens, for example, are going to change not only the displays themselves but also the way that cell phones are designed and created.  We will be able to have cell phones that will bend, roll, and be so flexible that you can twist them around your arm, roll them up or even fit them inside your wallet.  The way they will be designed is, of course, still something that many developers are working on.  We have to wait until they give us the heads up that they have one coming up.  But until then, there are plenty of people out there, especially industrial designers, who are putting together these futuristic cell phones, at least on paper.

The Flex Display Phone, designed by Hank Chien-Cheng Chen, is one of those cell phones.  The way it folds into itself and still isn’t thicker than a normal cell phone is genius.  The way it is designed will enable us to, once and for all, get rid of those pesky, humongous and heavy laptops.

I feel the design of this concept phone could certainly be taken a bit further.  The keyboard is a bit yesterday, and the outer shell isn’t exactly stylish either.  However, I like the cool and unique way to fold it out to enable a larger and brighter screen that will give you plenty more space to create, run or play your apps.  The new iPhone 5 is said to be getting a complete overhaul, and yet there is no word on how it will look, run or what the revolutionary features (according to Apple) will be.  The future is truly exciting, and I can’t wait to see the OLED become the next cell phone display.

Future OLED Cell Phone Render

Flex Phone Folded Out Concept

Flex Phone Full Screen Display

Flex Display Touch Keyboard Concept

Back View Of Flex Display

Flex Phone Folded Up View

Step By step View Flex

Flex Phone Fold Out Schematic

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