Modobag Is A Drivable Suitcase Worthy Of Your Attention

Having traveled quite a lot in my life, I know that airports around the world can be a pain to navigate. To walk for 40 minutes to get to your gate is not something that is enjoyable. The moving walkways help, but they are in no way or form the ultimate solution. I think it was about time that someone took the problem seriously and did a bit of innovation. How about a drivable suitcase? Would that tickle your fancy? There is one, and it is called Modobag!

With nothing like it on the market (sort of), the Modobag is a feat of engineering. Capable of 8 mph and with a battery distance of around 5 miles, this is truly a brilliant technology. The mechanics of the Modobag only take up 15% of the inside of the suitcase. This was something that was a priority as a bag has to remain a usable suitcase if the concept should work at all.

When you watch the video, you see why this is an instant success. [pullquote]The ability to effortlessly take yourself from check-in to gate on a drivable suitcase is unbeatable.[/pullquote] As the video says, the smiles of the people using it say it all.

The project is currently in kickstarter mode, and you can get more information on their IndieGoGo page. With 15 days to go, the project has already reached its funding goal many times over. Early bird price for the Modobag is $995.00, and once it hits the market, it will go up to $1,199.00. It is still a great price for a bag that you can drive, don’t you think?

It’s already a huge success, so when it is finally on the market, you can expect to constantly see these bags at the airports around the world. Not only is it practical but it also looks like a lot of fun. Like I always say, you are never too old to be young.

Is this a suitcase that you would consider buying? What do you think its pros and cons are? Is it too fast or slow? Let us know in the comment section below.

Modobag – World’s First Drivable Suitcase

Modobag First Drivable Suitcase

Modobag First Drivable Suitcase

Modobag First Drivable Suitcase